Monday, February 4, 2013



Today I'm keeping thoughts positive. I'm excited for whats to come and I have a great outlook on my ever increasing pile of projects that need to get completed. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas how they keep it all together? Any helpful hints for battling with family, work, hobbies, down time...etc.

This weekend the fever bug made residence at the Sareyani household. And I don't mean the Friday Night Fever kind either. I mean the knock you off your feet-placing ice bags around your body-around the clock medication-and far too often vomiting - fever bug. That's right, my poor boys where down for the count. But there is always good news out of bad, so despite the constant cuddling, cleaning, and caring, I did manage to get some projects taken care of. So today (even though the events of last night didn't give hope to having a successful Monday) I am off and running with some new projects and a giveaway.

Wait! Did I say giveaway? I must be getting the fever next. But since I mentioned it here are the details: I have three mini digital kits that I am giving away for FREE! All you have to do, is visit and navigate to the free kit page on the top left hand menu box. From there you have a couple of choices. Choice #1: simply fill out the form and be automatically pointed to the download page where you can download one or all of the kits to use at your choice.(take advantage of these NO TOU kits before it's too late!) Choice #2: visit me at or to join the Embellish Memories group. You can friend me on both sites to be directed to the group. Choice #3: you can by - pass Choice #1 and Choice #2, by sending me an email to become part of Embellish Memories' coming soon design team and creative team. I have one spot for each team and would LOVE for you to join!

Well, I think I should go rest from all these "fever induced giveaways". But let me leave you with a sneak peek of the newest kit coming soon. I present to you the ALPHA for a Country Kit that's due to debut any week now.


Truly Scrappin,

Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome Back.....

Well my fellow scrapbookaholics, a new year has begun. With the holidays well behind us, the family adapting to new comings, and new journeys and challenges on the horizon, it is high time to let my addiction out of hiding and let it flourish.

I have missed my fellow scrapbookaholics (whether self proclaimed or self denied). I missed all the inspiration you ladies give. Over the weekend, while nursing a head cold, I was able to reacquaint myself to designing. So I tinkered with some new tutorials I found and a new layout is underway.

I am apart of several different groups that will hopefully keep me sighted on my goals. The biggest challenge/contest I have entered is by They are hosting their annual Yearly Layout Contest. To enter, you are to post a minimum of 50 layouts throughout the year. From there a winner is randomly picked to receive a prize. I started this challenge last year, but once our family grew one member bigger, the rest of the year was a trial for me. I am still in the works of adapting, especially with the added journey of homeschooling the older boy's this year, but now that we are fast approaching a year of changes, I believe the time is right.

So back to the sneak peek. This is just the beginning of a new kit I am currently working on. Hopefully, the end result will not fail me and come in good time. Keep posted!

Well I hope everyone else has fallen into a great New Year and have many exciting and rewarding things to come!

Truly Scrappin,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I absolutely LOVED this kit I used by BLT DeZignZ called My Everyday Valentine Kit. I wasn't too sure where exactly the LO was going. First it started in the direction of just being a LO of the kit contents,such as the awesome stool arrangement and maybe a bouquet arrangement of the flowers included. But as I was working... a little head kept popping up in my mind! A little Austin head I might add. A little girly for the birth of a boy??? I think NOT!!!! Hope you enjoy....

Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting My Feet Wet Again....

Hello! It has been an adventure these past couple of months with my recently added new addition to the family. But now that baby boy is going 3 months, it was about time to get my feet wet again.

So, do we all remember that kit that I had asked for some photo ideas for the LO? Well I wanted to complete the LO BEFORE I had the baby, but things didn't work out that way. So three months later, I finally was able to get all my ducks in a row to complete the LO. After the baby was born and during my recovery, it seemed that all my computers went to the crapper. So it took even longer for things to get done waiting on Dr. Hubby to attend to the ill fitted machines. But nonetheless, we are back up and running.

I'm excited for the things to come and delightful and relieved that these layouts came out the way they did. They could have used a little more attention... but after looking at it for so long, I just needed to finish it up.

The layouts are created using CBT Scraps' Patched Love Kit. You can find this and others at

I found old pictures of my mom back when she was in girl scouts. My whole life I was told how much we look a like. So, I knew that I had some "like" photos of me in brownies. Thought they would look good in this "Like Mother, Like Daughter" LO I created using CBT Scraps Patched Love Kit.

As for my second LO, I found the best picture of my mom as an infant and my grandfather together. It was too sweet not to use with the same kit.

 Now that I got my creative juices flowing again, I'm so eager to get back into the swing of things.

Truly Scrappin,

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Photo Scavenger Hunt.... Help a creatively blocked friend!!

Hello Friends! Well, I have T minus 4 days until I welcome Baby Presley into the Sareyani Family. Boy am I excited to get rid of this baby bump. I have burnt my belly on the stove multiple times and it is getting harder to wash the dishes! But I need yall's help...

I have one more layout to accomplish before I go into the hospital for a couple of days. So I'm sending my friends on a photo(s) scavenger hunt. I need some good ideas that can be used to go with CBT Scrap Patched Love Kit (found @

I just adore this kit, such pretty embellies and papers! But I think that because the kit is too cute for words, I'm having a hard time finding the "perfect" photo to fit it. SO, if anyone has any ideas of some cute photos that they can find, I'd so appreciate it. Keep in mind the photo's will be used publically on scrapbook forums and my blog, so don't send in anything you may not want the public to see. There is always a chance where it might be edited or used for magazines, challenges, and other media, so again please be aware.

It can be of ANY picture you may think of (as long as you have rights to the picture), but doesn't have to be of a person specifically. I hope I can count on some creative inspiration from you guys!!



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two posts in one day???

I know can it be? But I just wanted to get this out there for those who might have missed it on the website.

I have recently become a member of and I was able to create two fabulous layouts using CBT Scraps Dance Away kit. I'm a HUGE Elvis fan and I wanted to do a layout of him (and one day of my trip to Graceland) and this awesome kit provided the perfect "catch"

This other layout is from my wedding. I had a very "traditional" wedding going for the vintage times (very simple). I was able to spruce up part of the reception a little with the same kit by CBT Scraps in this layout....

I am working on some others to be posted soon... wish me luck!!!

Truly Scrappin,

My name is Melanie and I am a Scrapbookaholic!!

Does this sound like you, too? Well you have stumbled upon your safe haven.

Let me do just a little confessing of my own to start out with....

First off, I am a wife and a mother of two with another on the way, due in March. (Can't wait to celebrate that by adding just one more thing I MUST scrap!)

Second, I am a stay at home mom, who has very little time on her hands, BUT, when I do have any extra time..... my passion is scrapbooking. It doesn't matter if it's digital, traditional, card making, stamping,etc. If it has to do with being "artsy fartsy" and creative along with LOTS of embellishments... I'M THERE!

I have recently discovered I am a "discouraged perfectionist." SO for the past SEVERAL months, I have been staring blankly around my office, trying to get my thoughts together as to how to start this confessing process. I wanted to be able to share with fellow scrapbookaholics my trials and tribulations. I wanted a place where I can get feed back from like -aholics, but more importantly I wanted a place where I would be accepted and understood for my addiction.

Since I am going into the hospital in about a week for a scheduled c section, I wanted to get "caught up" on my layouts and kits before I went MIA for a couple of days. To get everyone else caught up, please follow the link provided to my official website to gain access to your FREE kits.

Here are some of my layouts I created using the FREE downloadable kits provided for you:

If you do download the free kits, please become a follower by clicking the "join site" button in the right column to stay up to date on future free kits. Also, a little love below is always appreciated!

Truly Scrappin,