Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome Back.....

Well my fellow scrapbookaholics, a new year has begun. With the holidays well behind us, the family adapting to new comings, and new journeys and challenges on the horizon, it is high time to let my addiction out of hiding and let it flourish.

I have missed my fellow scrapbookaholics (whether self proclaimed or self denied). I missed all the inspiration you ladies give. Over the weekend, while nursing a head cold, I was able to reacquaint myself to designing. So I tinkered with some new tutorials I found and a new layout is underway.

I am apart of several different groups that will hopefully keep me sighted on my goals. The biggest challenge/contest I have entered is by They are hosting their annual Yearly Layout Contest. To enter, you are to post a minimum of 50 layouts throughout the year. From there a winner is randomly picked to receive a prize. I started this challenge last year, but once our family grew one member bigger, the rest of the year was a trial for me. I am still in the works of adapting, especially with the added journey of homeschooling the older boy's this year, but now that we are fast approaching a year of changes, I believe the time is right.

So back to the sneak peek. This is just the beginning of a new kit I am currently working on. Hopefully, the end result will not fail me and come in good time. Keep posted!

Well I hope everyone else has fallen into a great New Year and have many exciting and rewarding things to come!

Truly Scrappin,

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