Monday, February 4, 2013



Today I'm keeping thoughts positive. I'm excited for whats to come and I have a great outlook on my ever increasing pile of projects that need to get completed. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas how they keep it all together? Any helpful hints for battling with family, work, hobbies, down time...etc.

This weekend the fever bug made residence at the Sareyani household. And I don't mean the Friday Night Fever kind either. I mean the knock you off your feet-placing ice bags around your body-around the clock medication-and far too often vomiting - fever bug. That's right, my poor boys where down for the count. But there is always good news out of bad, so despite the constant cuddling, cleaning, and caring, I did manage to get some projects taken care of. So today (even though the events of last night didn't give hope to having a successful Monday) I am off and running with some new projects and a giveaway.

Wait! Did I say giveaway? I must be getting the fever next. But since I mentioned it here are the details: I have three mini digital kits that I am giving away for FREE! All you have to do, is visit and navigate to the free kit page on the top left hand menu box. From there you have a couple of choices. Choice #1: simply fill out the form and be automatically pointed to the download page where you can download one or all of the kits to use at your choice.(take advantage of these NO TOU kits before it's too late!) Choice #2: visit me at or to join the Embellish Memories group. You can friend me on both sites to be directed to the group. Choice #3: you can by - pass Choice #1 and Choice #2, by sending me an email to become part of Embellish Memories' coming soon design team and creative team. I have one spot for each team and would LOVE for you to join!

Well, I think I should go rest from all these "fever induced giveaways". But let me leave you with a sneak peek of the newest kit coming soon. I present to you the ALPHA for a Country Kit that's due to debut any week now.


Truly Scrappin,

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